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European Teaching University

European Teaching University was founded in 1995. Institution is focused on training using the European model, competitive to grow up students, according demands of international labor market .

European Teaching University is staffed by qualified, experienced academic staff and invited specialists, who were educated in the leading universities in Europe, which contributes to the international experience and high-quality, innovation-based learning.

Institution is completely focused on students, it gives ability ,together with high-quality education, university grants and studying abroad.

European University is equipped with modern technological base, a diverse library, their own television and with the essential equipment for appropriate programs, which provides all the conditions for a quality education.

Many foreign students studying at the institution, including the Ukraine, India, Azerbaijan, Pakistan, etc. The university provides a special service for the agency, which helps foreign students to shelter, food and security related issues.

Institution implements accredited Bachelor and Master programs in the following areas:

  • Medicine
  • Law
  • Business Administration
  • Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Information Technology

European Teaching University has educational campuses in Tbilisi and Lagodekhi.

Key Highlights

  • Easy Accessbility: Located In Georgian Capital Tbilisi
  • 100% English medium: English as a medium ofinstruction in all lectures
  • Recognized Institution: AporovedbyMCI & listed by WHO in Medical School Directory
  • Indian student friendly environment: Easyavailability of Indian food
  • Covered under Bologna Process: Follows ECTS & is completely compliant to Bologna process
  • No Entrance Exam: Noentrance exam or IELTS/TOEFL required
  • Multiple Intakes: Two admission intake seasons in February & September
  • Easy Visa Process: Applications accepted after 10.2 with guaranteed visa even to students with education gap
  • Zero Corruption: No donation or hidden costs owing to transparent admission process
  • Hospital Training: Rigorous practiryl experience with hospital training right from day one
  • Work/Post GraduationOpportunitios: Eligibility to work anywhere in Europe with German post-graduation opportunity
  • Preparatory Courses: Special classes for preparation of MCI. FLAB, and USMLE screening exams

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