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The University Geomedi

Educational programs at the University are based on the modern European standards. There are undergraduate and postgraduate academic programs, language certificate courses (Georgian, English, and German) and training courses at the University. The courses are delivered by Georgian and foreign academic staff. The University promotes the practice and training at the national and international level at partner Universities. The University supports the students to participate in exchange programs at the partner Universities of America, Israeli, and Germany. One of the main goals of the University is to understand the needs of every student and support them during their learning process aimed at successful professional career. They have possibility to participate in research works in different fields and scientific-practical conferences held at the University. The University Geomedi understands its role as an educator of a new generation in a new environment of a labour market demanding from employees high-skilled competences and tries to fulfill its role and meet the criteria set by the professionals in the sphere of higher education.

Why you should pursue MBBS from Georgia University-Teaching University Geomedi
  • Georgia is a European country that offers best medical education in the world.
  • Highly recognized MBBS degree all over the world.
  • Modern and Traditional pattern is followed for the MBBS program.
  • WHO/MCI recognized Medical University.
  • It provides you with vast career opportunities; you can even work at the clinic present in the university.
  • Teaching University Geomedi, Georgia has signed LISBON CONVENTION which allows students to work in more than 50 countries.
What are the faculties offered at Georgia University-Teaching University Geomedi?
  • It offers Dentistry course and the degree offered in the course is Doctor of Dental Medicine.
  • It also offers Medicine degree that is MD degree.
  • Another degree offered at the university is Health Care Economics and management and the degree offered for the course is Bachelor of Health Care Management.
  • It also provides the course of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and the degree offered for this is Bachelor of Health Care in physical Medicine and Rehabilitating Degree.
  • All the foreign students also have to learn a preparatory program that is Georgian Language Preparatory Educational Program. It is there to teach all the foreign students the basic Georgian language so that they may not face difficulty while their stay in Georgia.
  • And, they are also certified for this preparatory program.
What is the fees structure at Georgia University-Teaching University Geomedi?

Bachelor of Medicine course fees is $4000 (USD) per year. The duration of this course is 6 years. The university charges 50% tuition fees in the last year that is sixth year. The living cost per month is estimated to be US$250 per month. The extra charges which are paid in first year are 1750 USD, these constitute of Ministry and accreditation charges.

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